Ziff is lead by a team of people experienced with delivering first to market technologies. The company was founded with the drive to make AI applications around unstructured data simple. Imagine a world where domain experts and engineers work together to deliver valuable AI applications? After two years of market research we feel we have finally cracked the product shell to allow this to happen. The product we developed supports unstructured models around image, audio, video, and text. Ziff offers a unique AI offering which allows for hybrid models to be built across data types. Our most successful customers can do in weeks what similar organizations with data science talent fail to do in months.


David “Gonzo” Gonzalez is the CEO/CTO & Co-founder of ZIFF. At ZIFF he is leading the charge to empower the business and product visionaries chomping at the bit to leverage Ai-based automation and their software engineering counterparts accustomed to shipping value on a regular cadence. He is a reformed Data Scientist who believes that the Ai Innovation Highway is moving rapidly away from the prediction and forecasting that has been the focus of Big Data and BI and into the back office, systems, and processes that actually run the enterprise. Previous to ZIFF Gonzo worked for over a decade applying predictive analytics to marketing and finance. Gonzo has a BS and MS of Science from Brigham Young University.
Ben Taylor
Ben TaylorChief Data Officer
Ben is the Chief AI Officer and co-founded Ziff to accelerate AI value delivery around unstructured data for the enterprise. Ben is known for pushing the boundaries for what is possible with deep learning, including predicting country of origin, genetic haplogroups from a face, and even the ranking of ABC’s The Bachelor contestants. Previously, he worked in the semiconductor industry for Intel and later in finance for a hedge fund as an AI expert. Ben joined a Sequoia-backed startup, HireVue, in 2013, where he led the company’s machine learning efforts around digital interview prediction and adverse impact mitigation. Ben graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Nevada Reno, and a MS in chemical engineering from the University of Utah, where he also spent 6 years doing PhD research.
Barry Kent
Barry KentHead of Sales
Barry joined the ZIFF executive management team as Head of Sales in mid 2018. He is tasked with leading all sales and customer satisfaction efforts as ZiFF continues to grow across global markets. Prior to ZIFF, Barry was at the forefront of developing AI solutions for the world’s top autonomous driving, social media and biomedical research companies. He has previously served as, Sales Director – Pure Storage FlashBlade Business Unit, leading the early go-to-market sales team in both domestic and international markets. Barry has extensive enterprise software experience from both Oracle and VERITAS/Symantec where he lead sales teams in the US, Europe and Asia. He is a graduate of Utah State University along with an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona.
BronzeChief Creative Officer
Bronze is the Chief Creative Officer at ZIFF and was brought on to distill complex Ai discoveries into a simple human centered experience. He also oversees ZIFF’s branding and marketing efforts. Prior to joining ZIFF Bronze led the creative and user experience effort for SaltStack. He spent 12 years a concept artist and art director for Microsoft Games, 2k games, and Electronic Arts. His other clients include Old Navy, Brighton Ski Resort, Ubisoft, and Indie Built Games.

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